FAQCommon questions: Why should I accept cryptocurrencies?

Why should I accept cryptocurrencies?

Worldwide market

Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method will give you access to a worldwide market of tech-savvy consumers.

Allow you to expand your payment methods and thereby increase your sales volumes.  


Fast Transactions

The credit card system takes a few days to batch process, while cryptocurrency is processed immediately, giving you much faster access to funds. Fast transactions help optimize the cash flow of your business. Crypto payments are much faster than bank-to-bank transfers, which can take days to process, and are almost as fast as paying with a credit card. Use crypto payments, and you will receive money to your buyer's account in just 10 minutes.


Low Fees

Another advantage of offering cryptocurrency as a payment method is the low fees associated with each transaction. The fees can vary depending on whether you accept cryptocurrency into your personal wallet or through a third-party provider such as Coinbase, but you will likely still find them significantly lower than the fees of services such as PayPal or credit card.

Acquiring rates start at 1.5% per payment. Compare this to accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, which start at 0.5%. The difference is obvious, isn't it? 



Once a customer makes a transaction using cryptocurrency, it becomes difficult to undo it unless you have the merchant's consent. This gives retailers more security in case of e-commerce fraud because there is no middle power, such as a bank, that can withdraw funds from your account without your consent.



All blockchain payments are transparent.

You can track a payment from the buyer both through our callbacks, which contain information on the status of the payment (in processing, received in the account, etc.), and check the payment yourself directly in the blockchain, for example, on the resource:


by entering the address you gave in the invoice for payment by the buyer. Objective, fair, transparent, and does not depend on any intermediaries in the form of banks, or authorities. You can track the status of your payments, just as we do for you.