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Integrate Crypto Payments using GCP API and get access to the global cryptocurrency economy.

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Simple setup using GCP API

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Get your personal Secret Key to access your funds

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Blockchain technologies makes the transaction data available to everyone at any time

How does it work?

Standard API

Standard API is a constructor of payments that can flexibly adapt to every type of business. The functionality of the service allows you to:

  • Store and withdrawing funds at your request;
  • Create your personal groups of buyers by using Merchant ID;
  • View all relevant statistics by customer group

Transfer API

Transfer API is a payment type in the GCP system where payments are sent from your payment address to the destination recipient address you specify automatically. Fast, confidential, and transparent.

Step 1

Buyer makes a request to pay for a goods in cryptocurrency.

Step 2

Merchant makes a request to GCP API and gets the necessary number of payment addresses and invoices buyer.

Step 3

The buyer makes his payments to the payment addresses of the merchant.

Step 4

The payment received from the buyer is processed in the blockchain. Merchant receives callbacks on all processed payments.

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We've made it easy to start accepting cryptocurrencies with just a few lines of code using our adaptive libraries.

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