What is Green Crypto Processing? 

Green Crypto Processing - is a payment processing crypto provider (PPСP) based on cryptocurrency. The key priority for our product is to provide merchant-oriented service, which allows you to customize the payment system for specific user requests and adapt to any business case. Blockchain enables the transaction flows between the users and merchants seamless, cost-efficient and secure.


Merchant - owner of a business that accepts payment in cryptocurrencies; 

Merchant ID - merchant identifier in the GCP service;

Payment address - address given to the merchant by GCP service;

Recipient address - the recipient's address when withdrawing funds from GCP;

Buyer - a person or organization paying for goods and services in cryptocurrency;

Callback - HTTP(S) request from GCP to the merchant's server with the information about the receipt of funds to the payment address;

GCP Standard API - type of API that provides functionality for storing funds, viewing statistics, and withdrawing funds at the merchant's request; 

GCP Transfer API - type of API where payments are sent from your payment address to the destination recipient address you specify automatically. 

Secret key - the key necessary to view statistics and withdrawal of funds; 

Confirmations - number of confirmations for payment notification.

Standard API. Getting started

Step 1. Getting a Merchant's ID

Create your personal Merchant ID for one or a group of payments.
You need to specify: 

  • Fee type* - commission type (Percent or Fix); 
  • Callback URL - URL for sending notifications about the status of transactions 



  • Received Merchant ID and Secret key are necessary credentials for authorization in our service. You alone are responsible for their safety!
  • Tips for safekeeping:

✅ Keep backup copies of your credentials in several places; 
✅ Never give your credentials to anyone;
✅ Beware of phishing.  


The GCP team will never unexpectedly ask for your credentials for recovery or other operations. 
If you have questions or see suspicious activity, contact our support team - [email protected]. 

Remember that the GCP team has no way to restore your credentials.

Step 2. Generate payment addresses

Use the Merchant ID you got earlier to generate payment addresses. 

You can generate new addresses for each order and send them for payment. GCP will trace receipts to payment addresses indefinitely.

You will need to specify:


  • Merchant ID* - your merchant id;
  • Currency* - your currency; 
  • Callback URL - URL for sending notifications about the payment status;

Step 3. View statistics and withdrawal

You can view the statistics on your payments and withdrawal of funds to the recipients addresses under your control.

For more details see GCP API manual.

Transfer API. Getting started

Step 1. Create new payment address for a new order by entering your personal recipient address.

Note: You can specify only one recipient address for one payment address 

Note: If you plan to view aggregate statistics for your payment address in the future, you will have to enter your personal Merchant ID consisting of 20 unique characters and specify it as an additional parameter when creating your payment address. If you do not specify a Merchant ID when creating your payment address, you will not be able to view statistics for it in the future.

The entire list:

  • Currency* - your currency; 
  • Recipient address* - your personal recipient address to which the funds will be automatically credited 
  • Fee type* - commission type (Percent or Fix); 
  • Callback url - URL for sending notifications about the status of transactions
  • Merchant ID - your merchant id



❗ The commission to miners paid when sending a payment is paid by the Merchant (at the expense of the amount of the Buyer’s incoming payment)

❗ If the amount of the Buyer's incoming payment is not enough to complete the transaction to the Merchant, Processing sends a callback about the lack of funds: 

  • With the payment address; 
  • The replenishment amount (approximate due to changes in the network commission and does not depend on Processing);


The value of the minimum GCP processing transaction amount is calculated using the following algorithm: 

min Tx value > 0,00000546 btc + service fee, btc + fee, btc

❗ For Merchants within this API type, you need to use a new address for each buyer separately - this way you will know which of the incoming payments are missing funds, and which address needs to be re-filled to get the funds to your merchant address. We ask you to be careful, as GCP is not responsible for lost customer funds.


If you want a refund, please contact the merchant directly.

All cryptocurrency transactions are direct peer-to-peer payments from the buyer to the merchant. This means that once the payment has been sent, GCP API has no way to cancel the transaction or refund on your behalf. As a result, we cannot resolve any payment disputes without being a responsible third party because the transactions are blockchain-protected and irreversible.



This functionality allows you to get up-to-date information about the receipt of funds on payment addresses. 

GCP service will send an HTTP(S) request to the URL you specify in the Callback URL parameters in the following cases:

  • The buyer made a payment to the payment address
  • The payment transaction was added to the blockchain;
  • The number of confirmations of the transaction has reached the target value of Confirmations.

Currency Converter

Currency converter allows you to convert an amount from $ to BTC.


  • No KYC;
  • No middleman;
  • Enhanced privacy
  • High level of security; 
  • GCP API support 24/7, GCP updates;
  • SegWit support 

Use Cases

Who can use Green Crypto Processing and why?

Standard API is a constructor of payments that can flexibly adapt to every type of business, both in terms of saving money on their output and getting detailed statistics. The answer is - any user can use GCP API regardless of their needs. 
The key vision of our product is that we stand behind the open business formation of the future without political, geographical or financial barriers.   

Listed below are the most relevant use cases for processing: 

  • Merchants who sell goods and services online; 
  • Merchants who want to expand their list of payment methods; 
  • E-gaming providers that use cryptocurrencies for player deposits and withdrawals; 
  • Charities and non-profit organizations that want to accept donations or raise funds for their dream project; 
  • Developers who use cryptocurrency in their projects. 
    *GCP does not restrict other user groups from using the functionality*



Merchants accepting cryptocurrency payments online are the main group of GCP API users.
By choosing Green Crypto Processing to process payments, merchants:

  • Saves money (GCP has the best prices available, suitable for every type and size of business).
  • Eliminates the need for centralized financial regulators and reporting information;  
  • Increases the privacy of merchants and their customers by using blockchain technology; 
  • Saves time (fast integration with GCP API) 


Merchants selling goods or services online usually choose out-of-the-box e-commerce solutions like WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal, Shopaware or others. Checkout through Green Crypto Processing is no different than any other payment gateway. The client receives a payment address. He sends the necessary amount in BTC. When the payment is done, you as a merchant receive a callback with all the data on the payment and then you can proceed to process your order.


All E-gaming providers can benefit from the security, privacy, and quick integration offered by the GCP API. Using the GCP API you provide your customers with a convenient and secure way to make deposits and withdrawals.

Charities and non-profit organizations

Charities, non-profits, content creators, and other organizations that want to accept cryptocurrency donations in the most private way, all of these customer groups will benefit from using the GCP API as follows:

  • Cost savings (choose the most favorable prices for yourself and monetize your own subscription model);
  • No control from financial regulators; 
  • Enhance your own privacy and that of your donators. 


Based on the extended functionality of the GCP API, developers can create free or premium plugins for their own projects, thereby growing the developer community.

Support and Community

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