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Posted on18.10.2022
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The Standard API is a payment builder with the flexibility to adapt to any type of business, regardless of size or industry. You can customize it to suit your needs. You're about to find out why.


By analyzing the market, we found out that almost all modern Processors (over 90%) charge their commission as a percentage of incoming payments, i.e. the commission depends on the volume. The rest of the Processors (10%) charge a fee on the number of payments received by the Merchant.

For the convenience of our clients and for greater flexibility in setting up business processes, Green Crypto Processing offers the following tariff plans: fixed and percentage.

Which tariff is more advantageous to use?

The fact is that the choice of tariff depends directly on the average amount paid:

  • For small payments (e.g. up to $600), Merchants find it more profitable to pay a percentage fee;
  • For large payments (over $600), Merchants find it more profitable to pay a flat fee.  

In normal Processing, Merchants should be guided by the average payment, and choose the fee that will be beneficial to them.

However, the problem is that Processors with a fixed type of commission are extremely difficult to find, and this is very important, because for a large payment of $100000 they would have to pay $500 commission instead of $4. That's a big difference, isn't it?

But what do you do if you accept payments of different sizes? In Processors with one type of fee, you will still only have to use one rate and therefore overpay. 

Standard API: use two tariffs at the same time

In addition to the fact that you can choose the type of commission (pay as % or fix), you can use them simultaneously, depending on which payment is coming in now. 

A small payment comes in - use interest, a large payment comes in - use fixes. 

And all within a single API. Combine the tariffs in a way that suits you.

With Green Crypto Processing you will always come out to win-win interaction!